Water or Protein for Muscle?
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Below is a post from Amy. I just moved it to the forum because she had it as an article comment

I had just really great time talk with you.
Your wed site is so interest and helpful my study.
Actually I want to more ask about sports drinks with physiology..
I mean, when we are doing work out , we’ll be getting thirsty,
At this situation, which one is better between water and sports ?
exactly which one is helpful for grow up muscle?

plz give me some advice.^^

and.. I have a one more question, what do you think about developement of physiology ?

Anoop, your so kind despite of my English is not good~

Thank you for your spent time~

and in addition, every student like our professor sang ho KIM ,,
especially, My name is sanghyun-noh ^^
plz give my massage to my professor

Here is my answer:

Hi Amy (Sanghyun-noh ^^)

It was nice talking to you on the phone. Thank you for your comments. I am sure you will learn a lot from the articles in here.

To answer your question, if you are thirsty you need to drink water. Protein is mainly for muscle growth. If you are doing weight training, it is better to have some protein after your workouts. And why worry about either water or protein? Why can’t you have both?

Also, your English is good. As long as you can communicate and people can understand you, you are doing good. And you can always get better. English is not my first, or even second, language. The more you speak and write, your brain can’t help but get better( that’s brain physiology for you (:-)

Let me know if it makes any sense.


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Hi! I am maintaining a high-raw diet. I am not vegan, as I eat raw eggs & sushi. I DO need a lot of protein, as I AM trying to build muscle.

I do a LOT of cardio—twice or even 3x a day precontest, with HIIT training. I also have a high-intensity weight session in addition to the cardio every day. I train 5 days a week, with 2 rest days, normally.

You do need a lot of amino acids to help rebuild the muscles from the exercise. You will have to add much more resistance exercise into your routine to build muscle. The plant-based foods provide amino acids in their raw form, easily assimilated by the body without the extra digestive step of having to break down whole proteins.

I wrote a whole article on it here: So, where do you get your protein? | Defiant Health

I hope that helps! Good luck!


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Regarding Amy’s post I am in total agreement with Anoop, Why choose? Have both water and protein.

Regarding Rockstar, you need to make sure you are getting protein sources with all the essential amino acids and meat, fish and dairy all have complete amino acid profiles.

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