Basic Kettlebell training workout
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Just tried it.  Short workout 3 sets.  Nice for a change of pace to mix up your workout.  Got my heard rate and sweat up.


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Thanks for the link, Rob!

Ross has some great conditioning workouts with burpees. I will post it up here.


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I was amazed at all the technical details in the AKC method. I was following the RKC format the 5x5 protocols and the power lifts. Although I developed some great strength, I always felt I was missing some key attributes.

All I can say if wow! I spent 7 hours learning the AKC techniques under Mike’s direction. I learned how to breathe correctly, the dynamics of the rack position, which was just incredible. As well as the key movements of the swing, snatch and jerk and then progressing to the long cycle.

My wife and 7 other students were amazed and energized through Mike’s tutelage. He is a very talented and patient coach. We were all able to learn the proper method of kettlebell technique and continue to perform the movements for 7 hours with a short lunch break. On that break Mike shared Valery’s history and goals of the AKC/WKC. I feel lucky to be under his guidance.

In my previous Kettlebell experience with the 5x5 protocol a 20-30 minute workout would leave me spent. I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under the great Carlos Machado so I am used to grappling for 30-40 minutes at a rip, so cardio was not an issue. It was more an issue of muscular endurance and real functional strength that the the AKC method develops. Mike shared a great routine that will help in that area.


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