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Does Testosterone Supplement Tribulus work?

April 22 2012

Testosterone supplement tribulus is sold as a supplement for bodybuilding. But does it work for building muscle and strength?

Does Testosterone Supplement Tribulus work

What is this testosterone supplement tribulus?

Tribulus Terrestris is a herbal supplement often used in folk medicine to improve sexual performance and physical performance in men (aphrodisiac).

What are the claims made by tirbulus supplements?

Increase in testosterone: It is claimed that tribulus will significantly increase testosterone or testosterone precursor levels. 

Increase in Muscle and Strength: This increase in testosterone will show up as an increase in muscle mass and strength in people who are weight training.

Are there any studies done on Tribulus?

There are a few studies which looked at Tribulus as a testosterone supplement

Tribulus study 1: This study was done on elite level rugby players randomly assigned to a tribulus and a control group. They took 450mg/day of tribulus terrestris for 5 weeks and performed weight training. After 5 weeks, there was no statistically significant increase in muscle mass or strength.

Tribulus Study 2: This study was done on healthy young males. They took 10-20mg/kg of bodyweight daily for 4 weeks. The study showed no significant increase in testosterone levels.

Tribulus Study 3: This study was done on 15 young males randomly assigned to a tribulus and a placebo group. They took 3.21mg 6-8 tomes daily for 8 weeks and performed weight training. The study concluded that there was no change in body composition or exercise performance with tribulus supplementation.

Tribulus study in Animals: There are a lot of studies done on rabbits and rats which showed increase in testosterone and other androgen hormones.  Too bad that I don’t have any rats and rabbits as subscribers.

Are there any side effects of Tribulus?

No side effects have been reported in studies. This would have been great news if it had some good effects too.

Practical Application

  • Testosterone supplement tribulus do not increase testosterone or testosterone precursors in humans
  • Tribulus do not increase muscle, decrease body fat or increase strength
  • Tribulus terrestis works if you are a rabbit or a rat

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