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A Revolution in the Understanding of Pain and Treatment of Pain

March 28 2011


This is an article I wrote for another website. This is will change the way you look at your pain forever.

Click the below link to go to the article please.

A Revolution in the Understanding of Pain and Treatment of Pain

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Hans | Tue March 29, 2011  

Hey I wrote about something similiar too but your post is way better smile


Anoop | Wed March 30, 2011  

Hi Hans,

Thanks for the comment. I like your article too.

Lisa | Thu March 31, 2011  

Nice article!

So does it mean that I can toughen up and ignore my pain?

Anoop | Fri April 01, 2011  

Hi Lisa,

Pain is a protective mechanism which makes you do an action. Hence the reason you hold the part you feel pain, rub, cover it and such. They compare it to thirst. The brain wants you go do something about it. Once you drink water, the thirst is gone. Paradoxically, that is not even enough time for the blood volume to come back and other physiological process to get re-hydrated.

But when pain becomes chronic or last more than the time taken for tissue healing, it is a disease now and don’t serve a purpose.

And pain procesesing is mostly at the unconscious levels. Many inputs like emotion, thoughts, beliefs, previous experience,culture, nociception can affect your pain. You cannot really control it.

It is just like the pavlov’s dog. Though the dog nows there is no food coming, it can’t help but salivate.So when I say threat, it is the implied threat level in the brain. ( and not yours). And that’s why we use all the cognitive-behavioral strategies to overcome pain.

Lisa Grant | Fri January 29, 2016  

I can’t access the link above… and would be very intersted to read your article. I have chronic interscapular pain that does not respond to treatment.

Anoop | Sat January 30, 2016  

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the note I updated it.

Also, read my recent article about pain. This is even better: http://www.exercisebiology.com/index.php/site/articles/what_should_fitness_professionals_understand_about_pain_and_injury/

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