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Understanding & Treating Pain in 5 minutes

September 05 2011

The video tells what 90% of people do not know about pain in less than 5 minutes!



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E.J. | Tue September 06, 2011  

Really cool video. Artist has got some skills!  As an Athletic Trainer, many people I come across while working in a PT clinic have totally screwed up nervous systems.  Everything they do bothers them, nothing they’ve tried has given them long-term relief, doctors aren’t sure what exactly is their problem, etc. Like the video says, it is a really complex set of circumstances.  I personally don’t like the idea of doping up with meds and more meds.  Appropriately, I am a big proponent of exercise and activity.  Like the video also points out, a patients’ past experience plays a huge role.  Oftentimes, I think it really comes down to whether a person believes they will get better, and I’ll tell ya, there’s nothing like working with the elderly when they’ve given up all hope. I’ve given many a’ motivational pep talks to people 3-4x my age. Good post, again!

Anoop | Wed September 07, 2011  

Thanks for the comment!

A lot of people have no clue how pain is an output of the brain ( than an input) and how the nervous system is what you need to focus. People think of acute pain and chronic pain as the same.

I hope you have read my article about pain.

Deep | Thu September 08, 2011  

Great video, Anoop.

I am a 23-year old fitness trainer from India, in this field since 2 years. 
I had an interesting experience, which makes sense now.

A year ago, I started experiencing pain in my left elbow on the inside. It lasted for a month even after I stopped lifting weights. I saw an ortho and a physio who diagnosed it as golfer’s elbow, but somehow the ultrasound and heat therapy only made it worse.
Finally an arthroscopist correctly diagnosed it as irritation of deviating ulnar nerve. When he said that its a genetic thing which I can do nothing about and the pain will go away on its own, the pain vanished as soon as I stepped out of his office!

It did not recur till a few days ago, but since I knew about its cause, I ignored it went away by itself in a few hours.

Amazing, the power of the brain.

Anoop | Thu September 08, 2011  

Hi ZAch

Nice post!

This is exactly what happens when you go to the dentist and all of a sudden the pain goes away when you are in the dentists office. Patrick Wall compares pain with thirst. If the brain realizes that you have taken action to relieve thirst, it will quench thirst. The same with pan.

If you think about it, when you drink water your thirst is gone in a second though the water didn’t even get a chance to fill the cells or replete the depleted body systems. The brain knew right away and didn’t see a point of maintaining thirst. The same with pain. The brain wants you to do something about it or take an action.

Deep | Thu September 08, 2011  


My name is Deep smile

That’s a great analogy, the one about thirst. The cells haven’t had a chance to hydrate but the thirst goes away as soon as you drink water!


toni | Sun September 11, 2011  

Don’t you have to know the cause of the pain. Some things like infections, cancer and athritis for example are the result of on going chronic tissue damage

Anoop | Mon September 12, 2011  

In ‘many’ chronic pain conditions, pain itself is the disease. The tissue that was triggering pain is healed and totally fine, but the pain just lingers. 

Even in low back pain, imaging is only recommended for a minority of people whose low back pain that can be due to specific pathology like cancer, compression fracture, spinal infection, cauda equina syndrome. progressive neurological deficits and such.

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